Steve Edgar

Steve Edgar aka Soul Hawk humbly claims to be simply ‘a soul music collector’ however, we think the term Steve coins can be elaborated upon much further. Currently residing ‘North of The Wall’ with the ‘wildlings’ and ‘Children of The Forrest’ is a man whose love for collecting soul  music has educated many and created a legacy that will continue to do so for years to come.

A noble passion or a simple pastime, we’re sure the man himself would opt for the latter but to is it is most certainly the former. Similar to his compatriot Val Challoner with Chunkt’s Choons, the act of uploading his vast collection to YouTube over the years has made available countless hours of otherwise ‘lost’ music. Maybe not lost in the correct circles, however, Steve has opened the doors of soul music as wide as possible and for that everyone should be grateful. We’re really excited to have the man himself spinning tunes with us in Liverpool this year as he epitomises our ethos completely.