Mark Rickards

We’re stoked to have Flipside resident Mark Rickards on board for LSW. With roots stemming from Hip Hop and Drum & Bass, Mark, like many, followed those genres backwards in search of their original sources and so, started to dig for Funk, Soul, Jazz from the 60’s/70’s.

Marks impressive record collection derives from 20 years of collecting, focusing on rare soul since 2010. Skip forward a few years and together with 2 friends “The Flipside” was born. – A night based in Manchester, dedicated to the more down-tempo side of soul, sweet soul and crossover. We’re big fans!

Top five current spins:

Bull & The Matadors – A Part Of My Life
Jerri Jackson – I Can Almost Believe
Talmadge Armstrong – Give It Up
Lou Ragland – Understand Each other
Willie Hutch – Just Another Day