Jens Chreisti

Family Circle’s Jens Chreisti started buying soul records in the late 80’s and has been wowing crowds with his wonderful sounds since the late 90’s.
This period also saw Jens frequenting (as a regular punter), the iconic Soul Essence Weekender. Jens fondly describes Soul Essence as being the biggest influence on him, both as a record collector and a DJ… what a compliment for the Soul Essence crew, big up!

Fast forward to 2012 and the wonderful Family Circle was born, co-founded by Jens. The majestic Stockholm Soul Weekender soon followed with the event originally being held at the Lighthouse, a location buried deep within Stockholm southern suburbs.

Jens, a very much an in-demand DJ, has recently guested at Soulastatic, Movin’ On, Soul 4 Real, Carib Soul, Soul Not Dole & Soulful Strut… some C.V!

Current top 5 spins

J.J. Barnes – Lonely No More (Mickay’s)

Up Tights – Look a Little Higher (Alley)

Ebony Expressions – Farewell My Love (Owl)

Dynamics – I’m a Lonely Man (Dyna)

Soul-Walkers – Never Say You Don’t Have It (Cardinal Avalon)