James Pogson

Pogo… An enigma wrapped in a mystery, clad in a get-up sharper than Al Sharpton wielding a Samurai Sword.  Some call him the best Scunthorpian all-rounder since Ian Botham, some call him ‘The Boogie Monster’… We call him Pogo and he’s coming to rain Fantasy Love on the Liverpool Soul Weekender in the form of rare soul diamonds – In our opinion, Pogo is THE TRUTH when it comes to rare soul collectors & DJ’s worldwide. Running the DJ game and running rooftop parties in Barcelona and running not one but two record labels (Symphonical & Fantasy Love Records) is all in a mornings work for a guy like Pogo, he’s running that much, Mo Farah is ringing him for tips. Trust us, if you miss his sets at the weekender you will regret it. Be warned!

(Symphonical Records / Fantasy Love Records / Reel To Reel, BCN)