Darren Sykes

Darren’s for vinyl started very early in life after his auntie bought him an LP for Christmas, he must have been ‘nice’ that year. He was fascinated with the whole concept and at around 10 years of age the collecting bug began.
This quickly became a lifetimes work and obsession.

His musical journey has and still does cover many genres. Soul,Funk music from the 60’s,70’s right through to the current day. Born and bred a proud Yorkshireman, he attended a lot of events and gigs in the late 70’s and 80’s.
Moving to Manchester in the 90’s was a game changer and opened up many doors of opportunity.This in turn gave Darren the opportunity to start spinning his records out.
He has been very fortunate to Dj at some wonderful events home and abroad and get a lot of pleasure from this. Events such as Different Strokes, GoGo Children, Hamburg Soul Weekender, Not Too Young Swiss Soul Weekender, Hip City Soul Club-Berlin and POW City in Dublin.

Darren is also happy to attend events as a dancer and punter for which we can attest to based on his effervescent performance at the last Liverpool Soul Weekender. Darren is one of the promoters for the Manchester Soul Weekender and also runs a killer event a couple of times a year in Chester called Let’s Dance Some Mo’.

In Darren’s words…Music and the people that come with it are a massive part of my life and they never fail to put a smile on my face😊..we are truly blessed x