Alberto Zanini

Alberto would love to tell the mighty story of having inherited his passion for records and Soul from his father’s vast collection, but in his family no one was passionate about music, let alone the black American sounds. And so, the journey into the soul scene all started when he became a Mod in the early 80’s, instead!

Alberto is a regular on the European and overseas soul scene and is also the main head behind the classy Cannonball Soul Weekenders.

Zanini’s passion for Soul, Funk and more modern sounds has been growing since the 80’s and is the driving force behind his own Cannonball Records label. Alberto also has a couple of other labels which he runs from his beloved countryside in central Italy.

Get the wine in, Alberto!

Top 5 current selections

  1. Brothers By Choice – Get Up And Dance
  2. Homebrew – Once I had a friend
  3. Aged In Harmony – I feel like dancing
  4. Circus – Too Much To Handle
  5. Spade Brigde – I’m Your Man